Shahrukh Khan’s loss due to Aryan, BYJU’S bans all advertisements of SRK!

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Mumbai, 10th October 2021: Aryan Khan has been in constant discussion for some time regarding a drugs party on the Mumbai-Goa cruise ship. Now its effect is also being seen on the professional life of his father Shah Rukh Khan. It is being told that the learning app BYJU’S has banned all the advertisements of Shahrukh for the time being.

Ever since Aryan Khan’s name has surfaced in the cruise drugs case, on one hand, Shahrukh Khan is being supported by the fans and on the other hand, he is being trolled a lot on social media. After which such reports are coming out that not only has Byju’s banned all the advertisements of Shahrukh for the time being, but the pre-booking ad is also not being released.

Many trolls on social media are also dragging Byju’s Learning App in trolling. It is being said in the troll post that what message is the company giving by making Shahrukh a brand ambassador? Do actors teach all this to their sons?

Many memes of Byju’s are also going viral due to Shahrukh. It is being said that the image of the company is getting spoiled on social media, due to which such a decision has been taken.

Shahrukh Khan may not have been seen onscreen after Zero, but Shahrukh continues to dominate the advertising world. According to the information, Shahrukh Khan endorses about 40 companies. Apart from Byju’s, this list includes ICICI Bank, Reliance Jio, LG, Dubai Tourism, Hyundai among many others.