SHE-ROARS : Fashion Show For Acid Attack Warrior

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Pune : The ugly scars of acid attack on their faces and bodies may bear but their determination to over come from such stigma inspire a lot. Ten victims of acid attack tried to prove when they walked the ramp at the unusual fashion show called ‘SHE-ROARS‘ at Amanora Mall in Pune on 31st March to sensitize people to stop such crimes and launch a campaign against illegal sale of acid.
It was hosted by Team Rotract311 and Indian Institute  Of Fleet Management (IIFM).
Pari Hamdule, Director of Women Empowerment, IIFM commented on the“enormous courage and resilience”of the survivors.“My involvement is a tribute to people who have experienced such terrible acts of violence. I want to see them be respected, have equal rights and be included in society. Above allI want to see that their human dignity is restored. I have seen their sparkle and beauty and I want tohelp in all best possible manners to uplift them and let them be a pride of our society. I feel proud to invite each and every survivor rather warrior to be a part of our livelihood program called FPSC and would like to assure them to have a dignified career in  Fleet industry”, she added.
The chief guests at the program were Sanjay Singh, Chairman, IIFM, Lt.Pradeep Chauhan, MD, GlobalFleet and MLA Medha Kulakarni. Pragya Singh of Atejeevan Foundation has helped these survivors to  become a part  of this unusual Fashion Show.