Shiv Sena Workers Attack BJP Leader Kirit Somaiya At Pune Municipal Corporation Building

kirit somaiya
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Shivajinagar, 5th February 2022: Shiv Sainiks attacked BJP leader Kirit Somaiya at the entrance of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) main building in Shivajinagar for allegedly refusing to accept their letter. Somaiya fell on the steps during the attack.

Earlier Somaiya had gone to Shivajinagar police station to lodge a complaint alleging a scam at the Pune Jumbo Covid Centre. After that Somaiya wanted to meet the Pune municipal commissioner Vikram Kumar. At that time, Shiv Sainiks demanded Somaiya to accept their letter. However, Somaiya did not accept the statement.

After being attacked by Shiv Sena activists, the police tried to remove Somaiya from the spot. However, in the melee, Somaiya fell on the steps. After that, the police took Somaiya aside and put him in the car.

Even after the police put Somaiya in the car, the aggressive Shiv Sainiks attacked Somaiya’s car. Some activists came to the front of the vehicle, while others banged the vehicle at the back.

Somaiya was taken to nearby Sancheti hospital.

“Somaiya was brought to Sancheti Hospital this evening with injuries of his wrist and back. When he was examined in the hospital he was having severe pain in his wrist and back. He was also very anxious and in a state of shock. On further checking, he had high BP which required to be controlled and treatment for that was started. X-rays of the wrist and spine were done. His blood pressure has been stabilised”, said Dr Parag Sancheti, Chairman,
Sancheti Hospital, Shivajinagar.

Dr Sancheti added, “On evaluation of the X-rays there were no fractures in the wrist and hand or back. He had severe contusion of his wrist and tail bone. Assessing his overall condition he has been advised admission to the hospital for observation and treatment for his tailbone and wrist contusion and also raised BP. Plaster has been applied to the affected wrist for immobilisation. He has been advised to rest for two days. He will be discharged tomorrow from Sancheti Hospital.”