Shiv Sena’s Sharp Attack On Central Government, Asks – Why Did PM Modi Lie Regarding China’s Infiltration In Ladakh?

Narendra Modi
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Mumbai, February 18, 2021: Welcoming the withdrawal of India and Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh, the Shiv Sena on Thursday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Shiv Sena asked the Prime Minister why he lied to the country regarding the infiltration of PLA soldiers in Ladakh. An editorial in the Sena mouthpiece Saamana said that Chinese troops had moved about 20 km inside the Indian border and 20 soldiers were also martyred in eastern Ladakh, but when the opposition questioned them, the PM and others of the central government Senior ministers lied about Chinese incursions.


Addressing the Rajya Sabha on 11 February, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that India and China had agreed to disengagement from the Pangong So area in eastern Ladakh and returned to the former status quo after a face-to-face situation lasting nearly nine months. Have come. Singh said that according to the agreement, the Chinese army would withdraw its troops from Finger 4 to Finger 8 from the northern edge of Pangong So.


The editorial further stated that till two months ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was saying that Chinese soldiers have not infiltrated the Indian border. The same PM is now saying that Chinese soldiers are retreating from our land. Meaning, the Chinese infiltrated and our Prime Minister was lying to the country.


The Shiv Sena has targeted the BJP’s impetus on the retreat of Chinese troops. “We are happy that Chinese troops are retreating,” the editorial said. “This is a victory for the Ministry of Defense’s diplomacy, but why was the government lying about Chinese incursions? Now the government itself has started celebrating this disengagement.”


In the past, India and China have agreed to withdraw troops from the banks of Pangong So in a phased manner, and after completion of the disengagement process, there will be talks to end the confrontation in other areas as well. There has been a tense situation between the two countries since April, after which 20 Indian soldiers were also killed in a violent confrontation in Galvan in June. Many Chinese soldiers were also killed in the violence.