Shoppers Stop and Crossword educate children about Covid-19

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April 07, 2020, Hyderabad, : It is imperative to educate children all about Covid-19 amidst the mandated lockdown. Bearing this in mind, Shoppers Stop and Crossword have launched yet another initiative especially designed for kids. In association with Dr. Swati Popat Vats, the brands will host a live storytelling session for children and enthral them with two stories – Zelda the Zebra and The Mouse teaches the Lion. The stories will teach and educate children about coronavirus, precautions to be taken and how to understand its symptoms. Post the storytelling session, parents and their children can ask questions and gain further clarity.

Storytelling is an effective tool to get the message across and encourage children to comprehend the situation better. It is scientifically proven that storytelling helps a child to develop a strong sense of empathy as they picture themselves as the story’s protagonist to carefully consider their actions and decision making. Owing to the lockdown, children might feel anxious and have lot of questions brewing in their heads, this interactive session will help them clear their minds.

Shoppers Stop and Crossword will be hosting many more such activities to engage with their audience. Recently the brands hosted a week-long activity for children called #OnceUponABook where reputed authors read their favourite books out to the children through a live Facebook session. The brand also associated with Dr. Mickey Mehta who hosted a 45 minute live session on the importance of health and fitness on World Health Day.