Should I Buy Land Directly From A Farmer Or In A Gated Community?

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Article by Reshma Hajite

Pune, 10th April 2024: The post-COVID demand for farmhouse purchases is on the rise. It’s no longer just a luxury, as many are now considering small agricultural plots with modest houses near the city as a basic necessity.

When it comes to purchasing, individuals are faced with the choice between buying directly from farmers or opting for gated projects. Here’s a comparison to help you make an informed decision:

1. Options: Buying directly from farmers offers numerous options, while gated projects provide a select few but premium locations. Gated projects often boast amenities such as water, valley views, and mountain vistas, enhancing the overall ecosystem.

2. Legality: Ensuring the legal authenticity of individual land plots is crucial. Gated projects, on the other hand, have typically undergone legal due diligence, providing added security. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to conduct independent legal verifications before proceeding with any purchase.

3. Development: Developing a plot of land directly requires arranging for essentials like water, cement roads, electricity, and fencing. Gated projects, however, often come equipped with these infrastructural amenities, albeit at an additional cost. Opting for a project that offers such facilities can streamline the farmhouse construction process.

4. Construction Support: Direct land purchases may lack support for construction, whereas gated projects often have readily available vendors for construction needs. Additionally, shared construction endeavors within gated communities can lead to cost savings and better oversight. Interior design and landscaping services are also commonly available within gated projects.

5. Resources for Maintenance: Maintaining a property purchased directly may necessitate sourcing resources independently. In gated projects, however, shared resources are often available, easing the burden of maintenance.

Whether one chooses to buy directly from farmers or opt for a gated project, conducting thorough research and considering individual preferences and requirements are essential steps in making the right decision.

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