opens office in Tehsil-Phaltan, District-Satara to bring the international awarded biogas system

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Pune, an MNC, headquartered in Mexico City, with a strongest worldwide track record of producing and installing high-quality biodigesters, officially started operations in India in June 5th and this September 11 opened the first field office in Sangavi Village, which will bring service to thousands of dairy farmers and organic farmers in the region of Satara and Pune districts.

The Official Office  opening  ceremony  was held  at  Sangavi, In the presence  of Mr.  Chandrarao  AnnaTaware Former  Director  of  Malegaon  Co.OpSuger  Factory On  Tuesday  11/09/2018  at  11:30  a.m. in SNO-1140/1, Shop-2,  Near  TalathiOce,  Sangavi  Village, Tehsil-Phaltan,  District-Satara  /  Pune  (Baramati),  Maharashtra  –  415523

“After doing an extensive analysis we decide to strategically open our field office in Phaltan, because of dense of productive dairy farms, we want to ensure that each of this houses get benefited and maximizes the value of the cow dung converting it in biogas by accessing the worldwide our turnkey biodigester  ”. – Said  VimalPanjwany – India Sales Head.

Besides bringing one of the most innovative biodigestion technologies in the world, also provides farmers with a proven service program, interest-free financing, pre and post sales services and long-term technical assistance. This has guaranteed an extremely high customer satisfaction level on products and services in the 16 countries around the world where has operations, which includes Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Kenya, USA.

“The digesters are affordable, easy to operate and maintain, does not require infrastructure in advance, not construction.  It is very eager to install it and Much easier than others. The technician team has become part of our family they always come and assist us” Said the manager of  Govardhan Eco Village.

To improve the affordability of the biodigester, provides interest-free payment plans to farmers. This innovative approach increases access by farmers while keeping the monthly payments similar to what they would ordinarily spend on firewood, charcoal and LPG Gas. The technology also provides added value to the farmers as they can now cook without smoke, avoid pulmonary diseases, increase the productivity in their farms with organic fertilizer, realize an adequate return on investment and save money and time.

The company developed a project during 2017 in partnership with CINI and TATA TRUST, Factor-E and Shell Foundation for the installation of  60 domestic biodigesters in Gujarat, where the technology was validated for the Indian context.