‘No DJ means No Ganesh immersion in Pune’

Pune – The Ganesh Mandals are assembled in Pune to demand permission to play the DJ in Ganpati immersion procession. They warned that if the DJ music was not allowed, then the city’s mandals will not take Ganesh immersion procession.

A delegation of over 80 mandals in Pune explained their stand in a press conference held today. Due to noise pollution, the court denied permission to play the DJ in Ganeshotsav. This dispute went to the High Court too. However, Ganesh Mandal did not get relief there. High court has refused to lift stay on DJ music during the Ganpati festival. The mandals have blamed the state government for it.

‘The government is bringing havoc on the heart of Hindus. In the court, the government did not put

arguments in the right perspective. Similarly, Mandal’s representatives expressed the feeling that no time has been given to the Mandals to file the case in the Supreme Court”

The government should allow the DJ system, otherwise, no mandal will participate in the immersion process. Mandals will keep their Ganpati in the mandap/pandal to protest against the government, mandals said.