Six-Year Struggle: Pune Families Seek Justice for Three Young Men in Fatal Accident

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Reported by Amit Singh

Pune: Six years have passed since the early hours of March 24, 2018, when tragedy struck the lives of six friends on their way to dinner from Chandani Chowk to Bhugaon. A collision with a speeding Honda Accord claimed the lives of three young men—Manas Upadhyay, Kunal Sharma, and Shubham Madar—and left Dhruv Bishnoi critically injured.

The incident, allegedly caused by Darshan Jamdade (31) driving under the influence and racing another vehicle, sparked outrage and demands for justice that have persisted despite significant hurdles. However, the Hinjawadi police station report does not include charges of drunk driving.

The fatal crash, initially characterized by eyewitnesses as Darshan’s reckless and intoxicated driving, led to his arrest but swift release on bail within hours.

In the aftermath, Viman Nagar witnessed a surge of public outcry, with candlelight marches and vocal demands for justice echoing through the community. However, over time, public support has dwindled, leaving the victims’ families to navigate a labyrinthine legal system alone.

The case has languished through 77 court hearings, marked by changes in public prosecutors and ongoing challenges in securing testimonies crucial to the chargesheet. The family of Shubham Madar, in particular, has been relentless in their pursuit of justice, alleging tampering of evidence and lack of cooperation from law enforcement.

“We are shattered, and we beg for help,” expressed a family member of Shubham Madar. “We need that person behind bars and all those who aided him illegally.”

Despite setbacks and a sense of isolation, the families remain steadfast. They call upon the public, legal experts, and human rights organizations to renew their support and demand accountability for the delays and alleged misconduct that have stalled the quest for closure.

As the legal battle persists, the families of the victims continue to seek not only justice for their loved ones but also systemic reforms to prevent similar tragedies in the future.