Improved Accessibility at Pune Metro Stations: Five New Entry & Exit Gates Opened for Passengers at Pune Metro Stations

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Pune, 15 June 2024: To improve convenience and accessibility for metro commuters, Pune Metro has opened new entry and exit gates at five metro stations namely, PMC Metro Station, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Udyan Metro Station, Deccan Gymkhana Metro Station, Bopodi Metro Station, and Kalyani Nagar Metro Station from 15.6.24 today.

The newly opened gates are strategically located to facilitate smoother passenger flow , ensure passenger safety and ease congestion during peak hours. Here are the details of the stations and the directions they cater to: at the PMC Metro Station the Entry / Exit Gates no. 2 & 3 near river side therefore passengers do not require to the road to climb the metro foot over bridge. The Chhatrapati Sambhaji Udyan Metro Station the Entry / Exit Gates no. 2 & 3 is on opposite side of JM road, the Deccan Gymkhana Metro Station the Entry / Exit Gates no.2 & 3 is opposite side of JM road. All these metro entry / exit will help commuters to climb foot over bridge without crossing the busy JM road. , The Bopodi Metro Station the Entry / Exit Gate no. 4 and the Kalyani Nagar Metro Station the Entry / Exit Gate no.3 is also help commuters to climb foot over bridge without crossing the busy road. All these entry / exit will greatly help commuters to reach metro stations safely and smoothly.

To reach the landmark in the direction of the newly opened entry/exit gates, passengers currently need to disembark at the existing entry/exit, cross the road, and proceed towards the desired location. With the newly opened entry /exit gates Pune Metro aims to provide improved accessibility and enhanced commuter experience. The these entry and exit points will distribute passenger flow more evenly, reducing congestion at existing gates, especially during peak travel times. Passengers will now have easier access to nearby landmarks and business districts, enhancing overall connectivity and making metro travel a more attractive option. By minimizing the distance passengers need to travel within stations, Pune Metro is dedicated to enhancing convenience and streamlining the time required for entry and exit procedures.

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On this occasion MD Maha Metro Shri Shravan Hardikar said, “The opening of these gates marks a significant step forward in Pune Metro’s efforts to provide world-class metro services that prioritize passenger comfort and efficiency. Commuters are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these new entry and exit points to optimize their metro experience and encourage more people to choose Pune Metro”.