Skillsoft CodeX Delivers Enhanced Coding Skills with Virtual Coding Practice Labs

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Mumbai, September 21, 2017 — Skillsoft, the global leader in corporate learning, today announced CodeX, a new virtual coding practice lab for customers worldwide. CodeX provides coding exercises with embedded video content that challenges software developers to learn, practice and perfect their coding skills hands-on in an integrated development environment (IDE).

Learners can follow along with CodeX’s instructional videos while writing and compiling code. By using live machines and fully functioning IDEs, Skillsoft allows developers to also use the sandboxes for other practice and validation needs.

“CodeX is contextual learning at its best. Learners can practice coding in a seamless, integrated platform that provides a live working development environment and puts learning into context for a deeper experience,” said Bill Donoghue, executive chairman of the Skillsoft group. “This beautiful technology comes on the back of significant investments in our platforms and content – which positions Skillsoft at the forefront of innovation for learning and human capital management.”

The New CodeX Delivers


The following highlights why CodeX is a relevant and critical training platform for users to continuously update their coding skills to meet changing organizational needs:

  • Integrated Developer Environment (IDEs): Learn how to code in the real-world applications that development teams use on the job. CodeX labs provide access to multiple IDEs so users gain fluency in the interface as well as the language.
  • Engaging Labs with Embedded Videos: CodeX combines lab guides and embedded instructional videos for an engaging experience.
  • Safe testing ground for projects: CodeX is a true developers sandbox, which means users can run and test code residing outside the scope of Skillsoft’s coding exercises, including proprietary projects.

In addition to the benefits to the learner, CodeX offers several benefits to IT organizations:

  • Security: All CodeX activity takes place on virtual machines instead of local networks, eliminating network performance degradations, security risks and data threats.
  • Test drive IDEs: For IT organizations considering investing in an IDE for their development team, CodeX enables them to see if IDE suits their needs.
  • Savings on infrastructure: CodeX significantly reduces costs associated with dedicated servers, networks, equipment and software licenses for testing code in-house.
  • Reporting and Tracking: CodeX delivers usage data, such as how many times the labs are accessed and for how much time, so administrators can analyze how learners are using the labs.


“CodeX is an innovative technological approach to making technical training more effective and engaging for the learner. Learners can hone their coding skills in an enriching learning environment that maximizes learner retention,” said Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer and principal HCM analyst for the Brandon Hall Group. “This is a clear example of how technology can transform the learner experience – CodeX is a platform that reflects Skillsoft’s position as an industry leader in learning and talent development.”

CodeX is available on Skillsoft’s existing dynamic virtual lab platform, which offers a broad range of hardware labs for products from Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and CompTIA. The new virtual coding practice labs leverage IDEs such as Android Studio 2.3.3, Eclipse, Eclipse Neon, IDLE 3.4, IPython (Anaconda 4.4) and Microsoft Visual Studio.

CodeX complements Skillsoft’s market leading IT Skills and Certification content portfolio that is designed to help organizations and their IT professionals keep up with the fast-moving world of IT. Skillsoft’s content supports more than 100 professional IT certification exams. It also provides standardized test preparation and access to leading experts and mentors to help learners develop and maintain IT skills throughout their careers.