There’s Something About SKINN by Titan Campaign created by Ogilvy Bangalore

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Mumbai, 21 September 2017: Titan Company Limited widened its footprint in the personal lifestyle segment with the launch of the SKINN by Titan – a range of fine French perfumes. With the combination of the best international fragrance expertise and one of India’s most trusted brands; SKINN by Titan has redefined the Indian fragrance industry with its product offering.

Currently, deodorants seem to be a good substitute for fragrance for the Indian consumers. In a market where deodorants offer more functional benefits, a perfume such as Skinn has the right to play in a higher ground, which is about using a fragrance to stand out in a crowd.

This campaign stems from a simple category insight. Unlike apparel brands, there’s no logo to flaunt when it comes to a perfume. Perfumes are invisible and these new ads from Skinn create a story out of this very product truth.

The TVCs, through several instances, establish how situations sway to our protagonists’ advantage, but we can’t pinpoint what actually makes it happen. Every day, things just fall into place for them because of some invisible traits. One among these invisible strengths is Skinn.

Skinn’s range of Eau de Parfums is crafted by award winning master perfumers, using the best quality ingredients and bottled in France. The fragrances are available in 1,350 outlets in the country – across World of Titan, multi-brand lifestyle and accessories stores, online partners and authorised dealers.

Azazul Haque, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Bangalore: The brief was to celebrate the user of Skinn by Titan Perfumes. People who have something extremely charming about them. They are always the centre of attraction. They are liked and loved by all. They are talked about. They are followed. In social media and at social gatherings. Skinn perfumes share these traits of those who use them. It’s smell is charming and magical. It attracts. It’s the centre of attraction. And it does blend in so beautifully and naturally with the personality of it’s wearer that one can’t figure out it’s the user or the smell of Skinn, that’s doing the trick. The challenge was to break the clutter and create a memorable and charming piece of communication. So there is a certain creative exaggeration in the films. Both to create a sense of magical realism and to create something that’s sticky and unforgettable.