Smart Meters To Reduce Electricity Bill Hassle In Maharashtra

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Pune, 7th February 2023: More than 37.68 lakh smart prepaid meters will be installed in the Pune regional division of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL). After recharging this smart prepaid meter, electricity will be supplied to the customers. It is being claimed by the officials of MSEDCL that confusion in meter readings and complaints regarding increased electricity bills will be greatly reduced.

Under the Central Government’s Revised Distribution Area Scheme (RDSS), in the first phase, smart prepaid meters will be installed in four regional divisions, including Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur and Konkan for Rs 15,000 crore. For this, MSEDCL has floated tenders for the appointment of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) service providers. In the first phase of the scheme in the current year, smart and prepaid meters will be installed for customers other than farmers in cities with more than fifteen per cent technical and commercial losses. After that, in the second phase, smart prepaid meters will be installed in cities with less than 15 per cent power loss by 2025.

Manchar Division in Pune Circle initially in Pune Regional Division; Saswad, Solapur City and Rural, Barshi, Vaduj, Akluj, Pandharpur Divisions in Baramati Circle; The work of installing smart prepaid meters in Kavathe Mahankal and Vita divisions of Kolhapur circle will be started this year. As power loss is less in Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad and the rest of the district along with the regional division, in the second phase of the scheme the meters of electricity consumers there will be smart and prepaid. Under that, a total of 22,87,350 smart prepaid meters will be installed in the Pune circle, the information was given by the Pune regional division of ‘Mahavitaran’.

There are many doubts in the minds of consumers regarding the charging of electricity bills. Consumers have to bear immense anguish due to problems such as not getting accurate meter readings from meter reading agencies, and not getting printed electricity bills in time. Hundreds of complaints are made to ‘Mahavitran’ that electricity bills are increasing due to it. Disputes over electricity bills also lead to disputes and clashes between employees and customers of ‘Mahavitran’. When the use of smart prepaid meters starts, this type will be reduced, and the exact electricity consumption of the customers will be clear.

Advantages of Smart Prepaid Meters

– Human intervention in the processing of electricity bills will be eliminated and save the time of consumers.

– Customers can manage their electricity usage.

– Questions related to bills will be resolved promptly.

– Electricity theft and manipulation of meters will be stopped.

– Net metering facility available in the smart meter.

– It will help in managing power connections in remote areas.

Under the ‘Smart Meter National Programme’, the aim is to install smart prepaid meters across the country. Due to this smart metering, the exact electricity consumption will be noticed. It will make consumers aware of saving electricity and they will get into the habit of paying their bills on time. It will help in reducing the arrears of electricity distribution companies.

With smart prepaid meters, complaints regarding electricity bills will be reduced to a large extent, and ‘Mahavitaran’ will get revenue on time. At the same time, quality power supply services will be provided to the consumers.- Ankush Nale, Director, Pune Regional Division

Smart Meters in Pune Regional Division

Circle Proposed – Number of Meters

Ganesh Khind – 10,43,762

Rasta Peth – 11,29,763

Pune Rural – 1,13,825

Baramati – 3,76,438

Satara – 1,26,858

Solapur – 3,77,520

Kolhapur – 3,78,915

Sangli – 2,21,234

Pune Division (Total) 37,68,315