Smart Prepaid Meters Installation Commences in Rural Patna, Bihar

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March 20, 2024 – In a significant move towards modernizing electricity infrastructure, the installation of smart pre-paid meters has kicked off in rural areas of Patna district, Bihar. The project, spearheaded by Intelli Smart Company, aims to equip 4.33 lakh households with these meters by September 2024. Currently, 4300 consumers have already been provided with these meters. The initiative is part of a broader plan to enhance electricity management and efficiency in the region.

The installation process began in three supply divisions – Fatuha, Bihta, and Masodhi – on March 27. Meanwhile, the flood-prone supply division is slated to commence installations after April 15. Notably, the endeavor aligns with the state’s vision to streamline electricity distribution and consumption.

In the rural areas of Patna, the distribution of smart pre-paid meters is as follows:

– Patna Rural: 46,440 meters remaining to be installed, with 2001 already in place.
– Fatuha: 60,000 meters yet to be installed, with 7332 already operational.
– Flood: 94,400 meters awaiting installation, while 5990 have been successfully deployed.
– Masodhi: 96,000 meters are targeted for installation, with 14,268 already functioning.
– Bihta: 1.35 lakh meters are slated for installation, with 13,424 already operational.

Furthermore, in the 13 supply divisions of Patna Electric Supply Undertaking (PESU), a total of 542,535 smart pre-paid meters have been installed. This move reflects a concerted effort to modernize urban electricity infrastructure, enhance consumer experience, and promote efficient energy consumption practices.

The initiative underscores the state government’s commitment to leveraging technology for improved service delivery and resource management. With smart prepaid meters, consumers can monitor and regulate their electricity usage efficiently, fostering a culture of conservation and accountability. As the installation progresses, it is anticipated to bring about tangible benefits in terms of transparency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability to the region’s electricity ecosystem.