So much science on the Bundesliga turf

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A soccer lawn in a stadium has to withstand a little more stress than a normal lawn in a garden. We explain which aspects are important in the Bundesliga.

The Bundesliga is one of the best leagues in Europe. “Bayern impressively demonstrated this last season by winning the treble. The Bundesliga is at the top not only in terms of soccer, but above all in terms of infrastructure. This includes both the stadiums and the training conditions. Of course, this also includes a well-maintained lawn. A little weeding or lining of the lawn is not enough . We show how much science and care is put into the Bundesliga lawn. It all affects the outcome of the game, as well as the outcome of sports betting on Bluechip. In this article, we’ll tell you why it’s important to take care of the field and how it will affect the outcome of your bet online.

That’s why the lawn is so important

The role of turf in soccer should not be underestimated. Teams often complain about the pitch after a game. You can also use words like “field” or “meadow”. In fact, a lawn in excellent condition is indispensable, especially for technically skilled teams with good passing. The ball just rolls much better on an evenly mowed turf. For this reason the greenkeeper has become indispensable in professional soccer today.

That’s how important the greenkeeper is

Uli Henness once said: “As long as Calle Rummenigge and I have something to say at Bayern, Lothar Matthäus won’t even be the greenkeeper in the new stadium.” should by no means be underestimated. Betway Sportwetten has calculated how much care and science is put into the Bundesliga pitch. The greens need to be mowed three or four times a week, as they should not exceed 3.5 cm in length. In addition, lawns in Dortmund and Wolfsburg, among other things, are lit with a special lawn solarium. Of course, optimum watering should not be neglected, especially during the summer months. A greenkeeper in the Bundesliga is definitely a full-time job.

Hybrid turf – the green of the future?

At the annual Bundesliga Field of the Year award, Borussia Dortmund and Wolfsburg received the best marks. Both Borussia and the Wolves rely on the so-called hybrid turf. According to André Castigen, the greenkeeper of a well-known sports field development company, this form of turf is not currently state-of-the-art in soccer:

What makes this turf special is its soil composition and irrigation system. The surface of the lawn consists of natural grasses with a length of 25-28 mm, which are reinforced with synthetic fibers of about 15 mm. This gives the lawn greater stability even in adverse weather conditions.

Turf layer, which is about 12 cm thick, is interspersed with synthetic fibres up to 18 cm deep and provides optimal growth conditions for the lawn. Underneath it there is a drainage layer, which protects the heating circuits to a depth of about 23 cm. After all, turf heating is now standard in the Bundesliga. The hybrid turf structure is completed by the lowest insulating layer.

The construction of a hybrid turf shows how much research and development goes into creating the perfect turf. The greenkeepers make sure that the ball wizards can continue to play in the best possible conditions – there is still a lot to learn on the home field .