Sound Sleep Eludes Pune Resident: Cry for Action Against Persistent Noise Nuisance In Kharadi

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Sumit Singh

Kharadi, 3rd February 2024: In a series of urgent emails sent to key authorities, including the Prime Minister’s Office, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and Pune Police, Kashyap Vyas, a resident of Kharadi, has raised an alarm regarding the escalating issue of unbearable noise nuisance in the Kharadi residential area. The complaint specifically targets four hotels, various vendors, pan shops, and juice vendors operating on the main road, causing a persistent disturbance for the past five years.

Vyas emphasizes the severe impact on his daily life, stating, “Due to unbearable Night-Midnight Noise Nuisance created by Four Hotels, And Vendors, Pan Shops on Main street, I am not able to have sound sleep for the last 17 Days at a stretch.” This prolonged disturbance has led him to urgently seek intervention and judicial proceedings against the establishments involved.

The Kharadi Residential Prime Area, according to Vyas, has transformed into a hotspot for midnight criminal activities, alleging a complete collapse of law and order in Pune City. Despite reaching out to emergency services through the 112 helpline, the situation has not improved, and the Pune Police department, including Chandan Nagar Police station, Kharadi Police Station, and DCP – 4 Pune Zone, has allegedly failed to address the matter appropriately for more than five years.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Vyas mentions recent communications and directions from the Chief Vigilance Officer of the Home Affairs Department, New Delhi, dated 26-12-2023, urging an investigation into massive criminal cases arising from the failure of Maharashtra and Pune Police to initiate criminal proceedings as per regulations.

In an unprecedented move, he points out that heinous criminal cases have been transferred to the Home Secretary, Ajay Bhalla, and the Law Minister due to the failures of Pune Police Commissioner, Director General of Police, CID, and the Anti-Corruption department for over five years. This development underscores the perceived collapse of law and order in Pune City.

Vyas concludes his urgent plea by calling for a judicial order to permanently close the identified hotels – Toniq Club Bar And Restaurant, Hotel Fly high, Hotel Café 1730, and Hotel Gilt Club – as well as shutting down all unlawful vendors, pan shops, juice vendors, and similar establishments causing disturbances on the main road until midnight or later.

This appeal serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for swift and effective action to restore peace and tranquility to the Kharadi residential area and address the apparent breakdown of law and order in Pune City.