Spiderman Stunt Rider Arrested in Delhi

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Pune, 26th April 2024: In a bizarre incident that caught widespread attention on social media, two individuals, including a woman, were apprehended in Najafgarh, Delhi, under the Motor Vehicles Act. The arrest was prompted by a viral video showcasing a daring stunt where a person, dressed as Spiderman, was seen riding a motorcycle without essential safety gear or legal documentation.

The video depicted the individual performing reckless maneuvers on the bike, devoid of a helmet, license plate, rearview mirror, or a valid license, all while adorned in a Spiderman costume.

The Delhi police acted swiftly in response to the viral footage, which raised concerns over public safety and adherence to traffic regulations. The arrested individuals, identified as the Spiderman stunt rider and an accompanying woman, were taken into custody.