State Inspector General Aims to Unearth Sale and Transfer Documents for 45 Old Grant Bungalows in Pune Cantonment

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Pune, 21st February 2024: Maharashtra State Inspector General Hiralal Sonawane has highlighted the complexities involved in locating the sale and transfer documents for 45 old grant bungalows (OGBs) in Pune cantonment. Expressing the need for sufficient time, Sonawane emphasized that most of these properties were registered over the last two decades.


The urgency of the matter was underscored by the former director of defence estates, Saurav Ray, who, on January 31, directed a missive to the Inspector General of Registration (IGR), requesting the expeditious retrieval of sale and transfer documents for the identified OGBs. The objective is to uncover any illegal sales, transfers, and unauthorized occupiers associated with these properties.


Ray’s communication included a list of 45 OGBs situated on prominent streets such as Cross Road, Stavley Road, Tarapore Road, Dr. Coyaji Road, Queens Garden, and Napier Road.


According to the IGR, the director of defence estate’s office provided survey numbers, bungalow numbers, and road names, but this information alone is insufficient for retrieving documents from two decades ago. The IGR stated, “We have instructed our officials to obtain additional details, specifically PAN details related to these properties, which will significantly facilitate our investigation.”


Ray’s letter revealed, “This office has noticed the illegal sale of many bungalows within Pune cantonment limits without proper government permissions. Residents in the cantonment have acquired these bungalows by intentionally suppressing crucial facts.”


Highlighting the security implications, the letter continued, “Unscrupulous individuals, with records flagged by the Enforcement Directorate, have illicitly acquired prime bungalows. Furthermore, promoters and builders have taken possession of several key bungalows, selling them without proper authorization. The encroachment on military quarters and the unauthorized acquisition of prime bungalows raise serious concerns, especially considering the scarcity of defence land for genuine use by the Local Military Authority (LMA),” the letter emphasized.


As the State Inspector General endeavors to unravel this intricate web of property transactions, the collaborative efforts between the IGR and defence estates office are expected to shed light on potential irregularities within the Pune cantonment.