Stock Trading Online – The Search for These Stocks Never Goes Down

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Pune, 26th December 2023: We all know that stock prices are like roller coasters, up and down. Saying a stock never goes down is a bit like finding a unicorn, right? But guess what? There are some amazing stocks out there with super strong businesses that, well, almost never go down.

So, get ready as we explore the thrilling world of stock trading online and discover some of the stocks that will never go down. Let’s get started.

1. Reliance Industries 

Reliance Industries reported robust Q2 (2023-24) results with a 27% increase in net profit, reaching ₹17,394 crore, attributed to higher EBITDA and a thriving retail business.

The company’s diversified portfolio, strategic investments, and impressive financial performance indicate its resilience.

While no stock is entirely risk-free, Reliance Industries’ positive earnings trajectory and strong business segments position it favorably for potential growth.

  • Reliance Industries Share Price as of Dec ‘23: Rs. 2,580+
  • Reliance Industries Market Cap: 17,30,970 Cr


2: TCS/Tata Consultancy Services

In the current bullish Indian market, TCS, a key player in the IT sector, has shown notable recovery, gaining 15% in the past year and 9% in 2023. Despite occasional fluctuations, it has consistently performed well, hitting a 52-week high at ₹3,680.

Analysts’ opinions vary, with 7 strongly recommending, 15 suggesting a buy, and 12 advising to hold.

While past performance is promising, predicting that TCS stock will never go down in the future is uncertain due to unpredictable market dynamics.

  • TCS Share Price as of Dec ‘23: Rs. 3,880+
  • TCS Market Cap: 13,94,870 Cr

3. HDFC Bank

Invest in HDFC Bank confidently as it’s one of India’s largest private sector banks with a proven track record of stability and growth. Renowned for robust financials, efficient risk management, and consistent performance, HDFC Bank is considered a solid investment choice.

While no stock is entirely risk-free, HDFC Bank’s strong fundamentals make it a positive and resilient option for long-term investors, showcasing the potential for sustained growth in the future.

  • HDFC Bank Share Price as of Dec ‘23: Rs. 1,660+
  • HDFC Bank Market Cap: 12,55,000 Cr

4. ICICI Bank

Trading in ICICI Bank can be a promising choice. As one of India’s prominent private sector banks, ICICI Bank’s strong market presence and consistent performance in various economic conditions make it a resilient investment.

Its success is intertwined with India’s economic growth, and the bank’s robust financial position and strategic initiatives suggest a positive trajectory.

ICICI has always been at the top as far as its stock value is concerned. Therefore, this Bank’s solid fundamentals and prudent management contribute to its potential for sustained growth in the long run.

  • ICICI Bank Share Price as of Dec ‘23: Rs. 1,015+
  • ICICI Bank Market Cap: 7,11,777 Cr

5. Infosys

Trading in Infosys, a multinational IT services company, could be promising. Infosys has demonstrated resilience in the dynamic IT sector, driven by global demand for its services, technological advancements, and a competitive edge.

The company’s solid performance history suggests stability, but remember, all investments involve risk.

Historically, it has demonstrated resilience, making it a positive consideration for investors seeking stability and growth potential in the evolving world of information technology.


  • Infosys Share Price as of Dec ‘23: Rs. 1,570+
  • Infosys market Cap: 6,46,244 Cr


If you’re diving into online stock trading, focus on stocks with lasting potential. Companies like Reliance Industries, TCS, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Infosys have shown resilience.

While stock markets fluctuate, these stocks boast solid foundations. For a user-friendly trading experience, consider using the Dhan trading platform to navigate the world of stocks and potentially grow your investments with confidence.