Sukhwinder Singh Lights Up Pune with ‘Vande Maa Bharati’: Southern Command’s Anthem Unveiled

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Pune, 6th May 2024: Lt Gen Ajai Kumar Singh, GoC-in-C, Southern Command proudly unveiled the Southern Command Song “Vande Maa Bharati”, a meticulously crafted anthem born from months of concerted effort by esteemed figures of the our country’s music industry on 05th May 2024 at Milkha Singh stadium in Pune.

The Command Song, originally sung by the legendary Bollywood singer Sukhwinder Singh, also took to the stage to deliver an electrifying concert and bring the Command Song to life. The captivating lyrics have been masterfully penned by Brig Bikramjit Singh, Mr Subhash Sehgal and Mr Karan Mastana, while the enchanting composition is the brilliant work of Mr Ranjit Barot. The Song’s captivating video edit is the work of Mr Atul Chauhan, Mr Awadh Narayan Singh, Brig Bikramjit, Mr Subhash Sehgal and Lt Col Sandeep Legha.

Crafted with passion and creativity, with each note and lyric painstakingly refined, the song stands as a testament to the Southern Command’s collective ethos and unwavering commitment to excellence. Through exhaustive research and iterative refinement, the composers have woven a tapestry of resonant lyrics imbued with historical gravitas and melodies that evoked universal emotion among all ranks and families.

The launch was not just a celebration of Southern Command’s glorious past this song, we leave our Command’s legacy for posterity, a testament to the Command’s passion, unity, and enduring vision.