Surendra Pathare Foundation Wraps Up Successful ‘Aadhaar Card Special Campaign’ in Pune

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Pune, 24th February 2024: The ‘Aadhaar Card Special Campaign,’ organized by the Surendra Pathare Foundation, successfully concluded today. This campaign catered to the UID card-related needs of citizens in Kharadi and the surrounding areas. The services provided included obtaining new Aadhaar cards, updating photos, linking mobile numbers, connecting email IDs, correcting dates of birth, and updating addresses. The camp was held at Anand Niwas, Tukaram Nagar, Kharadi, from February 20 to February 24.


A total of more than 836 citizens availed of the services offered during this campaign. Notably, participants ranged from children to the elderly, demonstrating the broad impact and accessibility of this special Aadhaar card initiative.


Surendra Pathare Foundation consistently engages in diverse philanthropic activities, demonstrating a commitment to providing benefits from various government and other schemes to the citizens. Recognizing the significant inconvenience faced by citizens in matters related to Aadhaar cards, the foundation promptly organized this special campaign. The initiative aimed to address the UID card-related needs of the citizens efficiently and provide them with the necessary support through the foundation’s efforts.


Surendra Pathare, President of Surendra Pathare Foundation, highlighted the importance of the Aadhaar card as an identity certificate and for various other purposes. He noted that it is necessary to make changes in the Aadhaar card every 10 years, but citizens often face challenges in knowing where to make these changes, leading to delays in the process. In response to the inconvenience faced by citizens, the foundation promptly initiated a special campaign for Aadhaar cards. Surendra Pathare appealed to citizens to address their pending Aadhaar card-related tasks through this campaign.


The citizens responded positively to the campaign, appreciating the convenience of having all their Aadhaar card work completed efficiently in one place and in less time. Surendra Pathare expressed satisfaction with the positive feedback received from citizens regarding the campaign.