Actor-Director Ramesh Pardeshi Raises Alarm on Pune’s Drug Issue After Recent Seizure

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Pune, 24th February 2024: The city of Pune has recently faced a serious issue over the past three days, as 600 kg of drugs worth Rs 1100 crore were seized. Following this, there have been reports of two college girls losing control after consuming drugs on Vetal Hill in Pune.


Actor-director Ramesh Pardeshi, known for his work in Mulshi Pattern, has commented on this concerning issue. The incident has raised significant alarm and is seen as a representative example of the youth in Pune going astray. The situation has sparked widespread concern and discussions about the challenges faced by the city’s youth.


Ramesh Pardeshi, while addressing the situation, shared his observations about finding two young women lying in a corner of Vetal Hill with beer, liquor, and intoxicating substances. He expressed concern about the incident, particularly in the context of the recent large drug seizure in Pune. Pardeshi questioned whether Pune, known for its rich educational and cultural heritage, is now becoming a hub for addiction.


He emphasized the need for serious consideration of the issue, pointing out that young individuals are indulging in such behaviour on the hills of Pune, which are generally associated with health and well-being activities. Pardeshi urged parents to be aware of their children’s activities, expressing regret that the public response to the recent drug seizure has been relatively muted.


He called for collective introspection as parents, conscious citizens, brothers, and sisters, stressing the importance of addressing the impact on the younger generation seriously. Pardeshi expressed concern that without prompt action, Pune could face a situation reminiscent of “Udta Punjab,” a film that portrays the harmful effects of drug addiction in the state

of Punjab.