Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Takes a Stand for Environmental Awareness on World Environment Day

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Pune, 9th September 2023: Symbiosis Law School, Pune (SLS-P), a prestigious institution under Symbiosis International (Deemed University), celebrated World Environment Day with fervor and dedication. The event, organized by the Jean Monnet Chair EUC-LAMP SIU in collaboration with the ECOCON cell and Community Legal Care and Literacy Cell of Symbiosis Law School, aimed to instill environmental consciousness among students.

The event unfolded at Venkateshwara School, Taluka: Haveli, Pune, commencing with a warm welcome address. Mrs. Madhura Thombare, Principal of Venkateshwara School, felicitated Prof. (Dr.) Shashikala Gurpur, a Fulbright Scholar, Director of Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Dean of the Faculty of Law at SIU, and Jean Monnet Chair Professor (EUC – LAMP co-funded by EU).

Prof. (Dr.) Gurpur delivered an insightful thematic presentation titled, ‘The Impact of Climate Change: Green Philosophy and Lifestyle.’ During her talk, she underscored the importance of World Environment Day, tracing its significance from the United Nations’ resolution to the theme chosen for 2023. Prof. (Dr.) Gurpur connected with the school students, reminiscing about her own childhood when technology and infrastructure were less advanced, but the seasons were predictable. She expressed concern for the students’ future, emphasizing that climate change would worsen over time, leading to extensive destruction.

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Highlighting the causes of climate change, Prof. (Dr.) Gurpur addressed rampant consumerism and its irresponsible nature in today’s society. She contrasted it with the past, where people bought clothes only as needed, in contrast to modern habits of excessive consumption and unnecessary travel.

Prof. (Dr.) Gurpur engaged the students in an interactive discussion about the UN theme for World Environment Day 2023, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution.’ She posed questions related to daily activities, pointing out simple yet effective ways to reduce waste. The students enthusiastically participated in the session.

The thematic presentation featured several videos showcasing sustainable practices that people, including children, can adopt in their daily lives to protect the environment. Prof. (Dr.) Gurpur introduced the concept of Green Philosophy, a way of thinking that prioritizes environmental considerations in decision-making.

The event culminated with a pledge administered by Prof. (Dr.) Gurpur to the students, vowing to avoid plastic usage, eradicate it, embrace Green Philosophy, and safeguard the planet and environment for future generations.

Following the thematic presentation, students from SLS-P showcased their talents through poetry recitations, dance performances, and storytelling sessions. Sustainable pens, food packets, and certificates were distributed to Venkateshwara School students by SLS-P students. Dr. Trupti Rathi delivered the vote of thanks.