Temperature Soars In Pune As Cold Weather Retreats

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Pune, 20th February 2024: Pune, known for its chilly winter mornings, is experiencing a shift in weather patterns as the cold retreats, giving way to warmer temperatures. The maximum temperature in the city has soared to 35 degrees Celsius over the past two days, bringing relief from the recent cold spell. Simultaneously, the minimum temperature hovers around an average of 15 degrees Celsius.

On Monday, Magarpatta City recorded the highest temperature at 21 degrees Celsius. According to the Meteorological Department, the average maximum temperature across the city on the same day was 35 degrees Celsius. Specific temperature readings include 35.3 in Shivajinagar, 34.4 in Pashan, 34.9 in Lohgaon, 35.2 in Chinchwad, 37.5 in Lavale, and 35.5 in Magarpatta.

As the maximum temperature rises, there is a noticeable increase in the minimum temperature as well. Key areas report varying minimum temperatures, with Shivajinagar at 14.7 degrees Celsius, Pashan at 15.4 degrees Celsius, Lohgaon at 17.1 degrees Celsius, Chinchwad at 19.6 degrees Celsius, and Magarpatta at 21.0 degrees Celsius.

While cold winds persist during the morning hours, the sun’s heat becomes more prominent after eight o’clock, contributing to the overall rise in temperatures.

Meteorological experts predict a further increase in temperatures towards the end of the month. Over the past two days, the state has experienced an average temperature of 34.0 degrees Celsius at 3 pm, with the minimum temperature averaging around 20.0 degrees Celsius. The influence of heavy snowfall, hail, and rain in North India is expected to impact the state in the coming days, contributing to the rise in temperatures, as explained by retired Meteorological Department scientist Manikrao Khule.