Temporary Augmentation Of Coaches In Pune-Kanyakumari Express

Train Pune Railway Station
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Pune, 6th April 2022: Railways have decided to temporarily augment 16381/16382 Pune-Kanyakumari-Pune Express by One AC 3-Tier coach and Two Sleeper Class coaches ex-Pune from 08.04.2022 to 08.06.2022 and ex-Kanyakumari from 07.04.2022 to 07.06.2022.

Change in composition of trains


Railways have decided to replace two Sleeper class by Two AC 3-Tier coaches in the following trains:

Train no 18610 LTT- Ranchi Express ex LTT with effect from 12.8.2022

Train no 18609 Ranchi – LTT Express ex Ranchi with effect from 10.8.2022

Train no 22845 Pune-Hatia Express ex Pune with effect from 07.8.2022

Train no 22846 Hatia-Pune Express ex Hatia with effect from 05.8.2022

Train no 22893 Sainagar Shirdi-Howrah Express ex Sainagar Shirdi with effect from 06.8.2022

Train no 22894 Howrah- Sainagar Shirdi Express ex Howrah-with effect from 04.8.2022

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