The ancient Ajrakh art of cloth printing celebrated

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Pune, August 9, 2019: Fashion enthusiasts and designers from all over Pune came together to celebrate the ancient Ajrakh art of cloth dyeing and printing.

Sufiyan Khatri, A master Ajrakh artist educated the Fashion buffs about this art in a unique two-day event- The Fashion Narrative that took place today at The Mills in Pune. The event was curated by Rudraksh Syling Studio and conceptualized by Rasika Wakalkar. Vijayalakshmi Nachiar, Founder of sustainable fashion brand Ethicus and Master Craftsman Chaman Siju were present among the dignitaries.

Sufiyan Khatri explained how the Ajrakh printing art paved its way through many difficulties and how the artists have nurtured it. He said, “There are 16 different processes involed in the making of a Ajrakh garment. Those who know about the skill that artisans put in every Ajrakh garment would never ask for the price bargain. Many a times people go for similar looking screen printed or digital printed cloth, but Ajrakh is organic and unique in its own way.”

Khatri also said that he has experienced way more respect and enthusiasm as an Ajrakh artist from the international designers compared to that inside the country. He said, “Getting a chance to work in collaboration with good designers enriches the art of any local artist. I could work as a part of many international design projects, but the number of Indian designers approaching for such a collaboration is negligible.”