“The Army Does Not Want Those Involved in Hooliganism,” Says Former Army Chief

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New Delhi, 17th June 2022: General V.P. Malik, Former Chief of Indian Army during the Kargil War raised scheme. He said that the army does not want to recruit those involved in hooliganism. This comes after there were protests against this scheme across many parts of the country.

Talking to NDTV, General Malik said, “We have to understand that the armed force is a volunteer force. This is not a welfare organization and it is necessary to have the best people, who can fight for the country, who can protect the country.”
He added, “We do not want those people in the army, who are involved in hooliganism and burning buses and trains.”

Malik said, “Some of these people may have crossed the age limit. They will not be eligible for the Agneepath scheme. In such a situation, I understand their problem,” he said.

General Malik has indicated that candidates should not worry about the job as the government has assured lateral entry into police and paramilitary forces.
“A large number will be recruited in the private sector, though job guarantees are not there yet,” he said.

When asked whether there would be a problem if those undergoing training in the army will go out after four years, he said, “There is an effort to bring people from ITIs and other technical institutions. They will be given bonus points and they are the kind of people we want in the armed forces.”

He added, “Let the planning begin. Once we get to know where the flaws are, they can be rectified.”