The Concept of Well

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By Soumya

The concept of well? This is something very fascinating at one side to know and it’s strange on the other side since it had never held the dias as far as awareness exists!But, the concept of well do sent holds any platform unless and untill explained in a format manner. So,the next action in a questionable manner is,  What is it all about?

The concept of well and bucket is related to the real aspects vs. the emotional thoughts of life . It often happens that when something really harsh happens with us, just like a plate gets smashed after getting hit on the floor, we also get thrashed and scattered. We are even unaware that we are not in the senses to still remain happy and not to remain still on the stagnant part. But! We should be aware that we are gradually able to do so because everybody gets loved dearly by THE DIVINE. THE DIVINE cannot see anyone remain still, whether one is an atheist, agnostic,monotheist or a polytheist. It doesn’t matters,it doesn’t matters at all for THE DIVINE. So, basically ,what does the concept of well is? How is it related to THE DIVINE and it’s love? The answer lies here in the fact that when we are in the utmost grief, we feel like that bucket which has been discarded and thrown after a work is accomplished. But,the one ,who enthrows us,is unaware that he has done a good deed,so later on,after realisation,we are ought to pray and pay gratitude as it becomes a debt.

When we are discarded in the well,we remain empty,hollow and much more. At the high level, we become so self-centered that overgurding towards the self that we generally hesitate and feel stringent to seek help. Somewhere deep down, even we are unaware, a part is seeking help from THE DIVINE, but we cannot make out or discover immediately this scene because we cannot see our backside by tilting ourselves .This help is always noted and being monitored by THE DIVINE, the one,who knows all, the one who lies in everyone’s heart and resides in our hearts as well. It is THE DIVINE ,who ties a rope to the bucketed US, from the well of life of ours, collects in the form of
water, tell things which describes us THE BEST,pulls us out gradually, cleanses us, and then, here we are, pulled ,and cleansed, and ready to quench the thirst of other’s seeking the solution behind us for the same curiosity.


We all need to remember here that everybody is BLESSED. The blessings open up at a certain period of time only. So, whatever happens, at the end of the day, just keep in mind,we are being bucketed, tied by the rope of opportunities, cleansed by THE DIVINE and is being set on work to be near to THE ALMIGHTY and being set as an example ,to do so, for the others, the same.