The Realm of Zero- An expression of an artist’s emotions

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A painting exhibition is set to be held at Mona Lisa Kalagram in lane 7  of koregaon park. The event will span across one week beginning 14th of April. During this week, art by 22 year old Painter and Musician , Maitreya Yeshwant is going to be portrayed.

“ I express myself on canvas using mixed media. The surfaces are large and dramatic emoting internal energies. After realizing the finite boundaries of science,I dropped out of IIT Kharagpur in my 4th year to pursue the infinite to try and express the inexpressible through my art and music,” said Yeshwant.

“ Theme of the exhibition is ‘Exploring the realm of Zero and the exhibition is set to display Modern Abstract Paintings,” informed Khushi Singh of Litmus International who has arranged the exhibition along with Suumit Singh.

Speaking about his perspective on painting, Maitreya says that his art is a pure expression, without limiting with boundaries, forms or colors.  “The moment I feel that I  am at the peak of any emotion, be it love, happiness, anger, fear or anything, I stand in front of the canvas and I surrender,” he said. 

During the process of painting, he does not worry about the end ‘product, he merely enjoys playing with colors. “After minutes, hours or at times days, there is a beautiful uplifting moment when time stops and the canvas literally speaks to me. The painting is done.This is my attempt to tap the inner glimpse or rather texture of any emotion.

What would my love” or my “rage” look like when expressed on a canvas,” he further added.

Sharing about his journey into the field of art Maitreya said,  “An ancient story, not sure how much it is true, that Buddha said that he will come as an Avatar with the name Maitreya after 2500 years. My parents gave me this name, ‘‘Maitreya’’ and it never really clicked me until this moment in life where everything has mysteriously come to a crescendo. A moment of stillness, a sheer joy, a music with a soundless sound, a state of ecstasy which never happened to me before, along with the red passion it brought forth. Somewhere I couldn’t contain it and had to share it, express it in some way or the other. Being in IIT Kharagpur it was not possible I felt, I left my college for good without any regrets and came to Pune to start expressing this new found beatitude. I found expression by making music which was meant to induce a state of trance and slowly started my hand on the canvas. The joy that you get when you are not thinking, when you’re beyond the realms of the mind and are surprised by the divine pouring itself onto the canvas is inexpressible. The colours became a door for what is beyond the colours. This is Maitreya bringing the taste of Zen, the inner light, through colors,” he said.