The success story of Paysafecard

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31 May 2020 : Owned by the Paysafe Group, Paysafecard lets you pay for goods bought online. As a prepaid card, you top it up and use the card as a regular credit card and also get some cash back and other deals.

Essentially you can use it like a bank card and when you scan your Paysafe number, the money comes off the balance of your account. Paysafe makes use of regulation and the card is a major drawcard for safe gambling.

Use a 16-digit pin for payments

It is a prepaid card that is popularly used for online gaming as well as internet services. Convenient to use, once you verify your identity with your phone number you get an SMS on your phone with a 16-digit pin. You’ll be using this pin each time you want to pay online.
After the verification, you need to link the account with your bank and then provide your card details.
After you have decided on your choice of Paysafecard Online Casino in India, you can take a look at the payment options and select the Paysafecard as your payment choice. Registration is free and there aren’t any surcharges.

You can buy the Paysafecard for ₹100, ₹200, ₹500, ₹1000, ₹2000 and ₹5000. It just happens that Paysafecard is also available in other currencies, making it a sought-after card in India as well as Europe.

A safe banking method for gambling

Because of the popularity of online gambling in India, gamblers are looking for the best online gaming experience and the best banking methods.

Gamblers want easy, safe methods to fund their activities and they can deposit funds into their casino account making use of their Paysafecard at the various online casinos. Depositing money requires that 16-digit pin mentioned already. The funds will be in your casino account in the space of seconds.

Some charges will be expected

No e-wallet offers services free of charge but the charges on Paysafecard are at least some of the very lowest on the market with the first year being free.

Once you have had your Paysafecard pin for a year, there is a small fee required for maintaining your account, and this fee will differ from country to country. Also, when you cash out your Paysafe pin for actual money, there is a small fee that can be avoided by transferring the balance to a casino and then withdrawing with another method.

No withdrawals

Deposits with Paysafecard are processed almost immediately but you need to know that the card isn’t available for withdrawals at online casinos, and of course, this is one of the negatives of using the card.

Keep track of all your spending

In India, when using your Paysafecard, your card’s security is a top priority. The card’s app lets you play online as safely as when using cash. The app also lets you keep track of your balance and your spending so that you have control over your finances.

You can log into your Paysafecard with the app and check out your transaction history or check your balance or even top it up. You can also receive regular updates as well as the latest news about Paysafecard. A fun part is being able to take part in competitions and promotions.

The Paysafecard also helps you get answers to all your queries regarding the card. So essentially some of the benefits with the card include –

• paying cash online without a bank account;
• checking your balance and also topping up whenever you please with the app;
• having total control with your spending and being able to get details of your transactions when you want.
• finding Paysafecard sales outlets near you.

How Paysafecard Started and its expansion

Austria is where the award-winning Paysafecard originated. Four Austrian friends met in 2000 with the idea of bringing about ‘Internet cash’ that would be attractively simple to use.
It was just a year later that the Paysafecard was also launched in Germany. It was in 2002 that the Paysafecard was no longer just a physical card, but an e-voucher, and from 2004 the payment method was available online.

A year later, in 2005, the card was award EU funding to assist with its international expansion. The card launched in countries such as the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Slovenia and Slovakia.
In 2007, over 10 million transactions were completed for the card. The card then went on to get an e-money licence in 2008, issued by the British Financial Conduct Authority.

The licence enabled e-money to be used throughout Europe in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, France, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

In 2009 the card had launched in many more European countries, with Argentina being the first country outside Europe to welcome the card. A Mastercard licence meant that Paysafecard could now issue Mastercard products.

In 2011, Paysafecard launched it free app and in 2013 the card launched the online payments account in 22 countries. The card was also enjoying further expansion into many other countries.

The year 2016 saw the launch of Paysafecard direct where a customer can top up their account making use of a barcode generated on their smartphone or PC.

Get your questions answered

If you’ve got any questions you want answered regarding your Paysafecard you can send your queries to or you can find additional information on Facebook.
The GamblingGuy is also an excellent place to find comprehensive information on the Paysafecard seeing that they are one of the leading authorities in the online gambling industry in India and they also review and rate India’s online casinos. as well, is a news portal of Pune with an interest in advertising, digital media and event management services.

Use your Paysafecard at regulated online casinos

Paysafecard has relationships with big names in online gambling, among which are Pokerstars and 888 Casino among others. You can only use the card in a country that has regulated online gambling.
If you travel to other parts of the world, such as the USA for instance, you’ll see that if you’re in a state with regulated online casinos and sports betting, you’ll find the Paysafecard as an option.

Once you have your Paysafecard, you then need to choose a reputable online casino that makes use of this deposit method and then sign up.
On the particular casino’s website, you can go to the banking section and select Paysafecard as your payment method. Simply enter the amount you want to deposit as well as your 16-digit pin number. If you’d like to know how to use Paysafecard in online casinos, GamblingGuy got you covered.

A drawcard is you’re anonymous

When you’re looking for a safe and secure way to play slots in an Indian online casino, Paysafe card is one of the more popular options and it is to your advantage to learn all about the pros and cons of this payment service.

One of the biggest advantages also is the fact that a Paysafecard transaction is anonymous. Even the online casino that you play at won’t know about you as there is no name on the card and all you do is enter the 16-digit pin.

Be informed

Once you know all there is to know about a Paysafecard and its advantages and disadvantages for online gambling, you can decide whether it is of value to you when you want to use such a payment method at the Indian online casinos available to you.
One thing is sure, the Paysafe card is secure, widely accepted and anonymous.