The Vishweshwar Bank announces 10% dividend

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Pune, August 8: The 47th Annual General Meeting of the Vishweshwar Cooperative Bank Limited was held few days back at the Bank headquarters in Pune. Anil Gadve, Chairman of bank informed that the bank has given 10% dividend to its share holders for 2017-18 and it has been already credited to their accounts. He also informed that the current business of the bank is Rs.2350Cr. Bank has deposits worth Rs.1539Cr and has given loans of Rs.811Cr. The CRAR of the bank is 18.49% and it has recorded profit of Rs.35.73Cr.

According to the Chairman of the Bank, in the current financial there will be equal focus on business development and recovery. Very soon the bank is starting a special scheme in loans for the women self-help groups. The bank is also planning to install Recycler machines that accept cash and makes payments like ATM at some of its branches. Starting the internet banking


is also on the agenda.