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By Ankita Karkar

Earlier the Fight was with Colonialism
Today we are fighting ‪#‎Terrorism‬

Earlier we had one Hitler and one Gandhiji
Now we have many Hitler’s and few Gandhiji’s

Manmade inventions and ‪#‎Technology‬ has spread
But Humanity is lost in midst of decade

Peace talks have become still
Pieces of broken world are now seen

Do you remember when,Brother’s and Sister’s of ‪#‎America‬
Became Sir and Madam’s of the world

Middle East is burning in Bombing
African suffer from Poverty
Asians busy in Developing
Europe faces Instability

Who is the Savior?
Where has the wisdom lost?
Is it while doing favour?

Ankita Karkar
Ankita Karkar

(Ankita is an UPSC Aspirant.)

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