The World’s First Curcumin Pastille For Oral Health Care Launched In Mumbai

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Mumbai, March 08: For the first time in the field of dentistry, Curcumin – a concentrated extract of turmeric with its excellent therapeutic effects has made its way as a pastille for preventive oral health care. This first of its kind pastille christened ‘Dennkur’ was launched in Mumbai recently and will be available with dentists across the country. The product has been introduced by Denteks, leading experts in dental technology of which Dr. Nirupam K Doctor and Dr. Lalit K Chokhani launched the breakthrough product in the presence of several eminent doctors and researchers.

The 100 per cent ayurvedic and sugar-free medicine is backed by clinical and social trials and has proved to be highly effective in preventive and therapeutic applications in a variety of oral diseases including bleeding gums, receding gums, gingivitis, and periodontitis, among others.

“Turmeric is an ancient spice and a traditional remedy, known and acknowledged the world over. Curcumin is the principle constituent of this spice with approximately 80 – 85 per cent concentration and is very well-known for its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties, and is a strong anti-oxidant agent. Years of study and research have conclusively proven that curcumin has a potential curative effect against various diseases while remaining safe and non-toxic. In dentistry too, it can decrease Aveolar Bone Loss occurrence in Periodontitis and prevents adherence of Streptococcus Mutans to the gums and tooth surface, thereby preventing Plaque formation and inhibiting dental Caries,” says Dr. Nirupam K Doctor, Founder, Dennkur.

“Dennkur is a soft, in-mouth dissolving pastille that contains Curcumin extract which offers the most unique delivery system for Oral Health Care. This preventive care not only makes the consumer confident but also provides an additional therapeutic adjunct in dentistry,” he adds.

Since the recommended way to consume the pastilles is by placing it in the mouth and allowing to be dissolved, it bypasses ‘First Pass Effect’ on routine ingestion pattern. When left in the oral cavity for nearly 20 minutes, the active ingredient of Curcumin remains in contact with oral tissues which are the target site for remedial effect.

“In our case the target sites are the plaque and BIOFILM that attaches to the tooth surface which is the beginning of all oral disease like gum disease and decay of teeth. So when one consumes the pastilles as per dosage, it acts as the first point barrier and healer. Being a routinely “edible” product, Dennkur a derivative of Curcumin is a food and health supplement and in general, is a detoxifier of body to help in healing several oral and general ailments,” concludes Dr. Nirupam.

Recommended dosage may range from two to four pastilles per day depending on whether it is being consumed for therapeutic, maintenance or preventive reasons. Dennkur will be available as a strip of ten pastilles and a box of twenty are priced at INR 300/- with a shelf life of twenty-four months.