Third Municipal Corporation Expected to Be Carved in Pune District After PMC and PCMC

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Pimpri-Chinchwad, 25th January 2024: In a significant development, a new municipal corporation is on the horizon in the Pune district. This expansion is a result of the amalgamation of Chakan Nagar Parishad, Alandi Nagar Parishad, and Rajguru Nagar Parishad, along with the inclusion of surrounding villages within their respective jurisdictions. The state government, acknowledging the importance of this development, has commissioned a report from the Divisional Commissioner, Saurabh Rao.

The impetus for this expansion stems from the assimilation of a considerable number of villages into both the Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad municipal corporations. The growing urban landscape and increased population have necessitated a strategic restructuring, leading to the establishment of an independent municipal corporation for the newly included areas.

To formalize this administrative shift, a request has been initiated to create distinct municipal corporations for Chakan, Alandi, and Rajguru Nagar Parishads. The proposed entities will encompass not only the core municipal bodies but also the surrounding villages within their administrative purview. This transformative initiative is contingent upon receiving the approval of the state government, highlighting the collaborative efforts to streamline governance and accommodate the changing demographics within the Pune district.