This Global Recycling Day, Bisleri pledges to safeguard the environment and encourages to use recycled products

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Mumbai, March 18, 2021: On the occasion of Global Recycling Day, Bottles for Change, an initiative by Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., takes an oath towards a clean and healthy environment by creating awareness about the importance of recycling plastic in our lives. This programme aims to bring about a habit change in the society by cleaning the plastic after its use, segregating and sending it for recycling. Treating plastic as a waste is not the solution; if used and disposed off responsibly, plastic is not harmful to the environment. The plastic collected by Bottles for Change is crushed into fine flakes, which are then used to create non-edible products such as furniture, cloth fabric, shoes, t-shirts, handbags, and many more. This initiative’s motive is to ‘Be the Change You Want to See’ and become an example by disposing the plastic responsibly, which leads to a cleaner environment. Each individual should take a step forward and do its best to make India a better place to live in.


STEP 1: After consumption, clean the used plastic

STEP 2: Keep Plastic separate from the wet and dry waste

STEP 3: Handover the Plastic to plastic agents (Kabadiwala)


Did you know? It is a myth that all plastic is lying in the dump yard because plastic is recycled in India. India is the only country in the world that recycles 60% of the plastic that it produces. India has a segment of society that is unorganized and unrecognized but is beautifully managing the current recycling system in India. There are 4.5 million ragpickers, 1.5 million kabadiwala’s/raddiwala’s and 8000 recycling units in our country. However, the remaining 40% that gets recycled is because it is disposed off dirty and uncleaned.

India has the opportunity to recycle 100% of its plastic only if, as consumers, we become responsible by not treating plastic as waste. Plastic is a valuable resource as it fetches approximately INR 10/Kg to a ragpicker who scavenges plastic from waste, and this value only increases if the plactic is disposed off clean.  The entire plastic handling chain from housekeeping/ragpickers to kabadiwala to a recycler is a sustainable chain.

If followed correctly, this model also helps green agents (ragpickers) collect large amounts of clean plastics at a time, which fetches them a good income. It would also provide them with a hygienic working condition, respectable life, and support for educating their children through our NGO partners.

Bottles for Change model of handling plastic has been receiving support from the government bodies such as NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation), EDMC (East Delhi Municipal Corporation), SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation), Panvel Municipal Corporation, Thane Municipal Corporation, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation and from Chennai NSS (National Service Scheme).

Since its inception, the ‘Bottles for Change’ program has conducted over 600 plastic recycling awareness events and workshops in corporate offices, housing societies, schools, and colleges. Over 6,500 Tonnes of Plastic has been recycled by Bisleri’s ‘Bottles For Change’ Programme. Over 6,00,000 Citizens, 800 housing societies, 500 corporates, 500 Hotels and restaurants, 400 schools and colleges have been successfully engaged with the program. More than 3,00,000 students have actively supported and joined the initiative.

Additionally, Bottles for Change has introduced a Mobile App for Mumbai citizens, which aims to bring the citizens and the Plastic Collecting Agents (Kabadiwallahs/NGOs) under one roof. The app provides a hassle-free option to the citizens to search & approach a nearby plastic agent to handover the clean plastic.