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Featuring Ace Badminton Player Ashwini Ponnappa, Youngest Indian Female Pilot Ayesha Aziz and Youngest Female Chef Anahita Dhondy, the video marks gender parity & highlights their spirit of being unstoppable , encouraging women to #OwnThose5Days of the month

Tuesday, 8th March 2016: To mark the occasion of International women’s day, the annual celebration of women, Whisper India released an inspirational video. The video features women achievers like Ashwini Ponnappa, Ace Badminton Player, Ayesha Aziz , Youngest Indian Female Pilot, and Anahita Dhondy, Youngest Female Chef, and highlight how they have been unstoppable in all aspects of their life. Each one of them have not only made a mark in male dominated professions, but also proved that a woman can achieve success in any endeavour once she sets her mind to it. These women have overcome various hurdles with confidence, determination & courage and didn’t waver even during those five days of the month.

A woman’s journey involves taking thousands of steps towards her goals but during those 5 days of the month she hesitates to do so. She doesn’t realize that this isn’t merely just a pause; it’s a step back and sometimes even a setback.  Highlighting the significance of those five days of the month, the video showcases young achievers urging every woman to put her will ahead of her body, pull herself up, battle the voices inside her head, strive ahead of her comfort zone and be unstoppable even on those five days because those 5 days are what she will make of them.

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Talking about the importance of women realizing their dreams and be unstoppable at all times, Ashwini Ponnappa said, “Women and girls need to feel confident that they can be successful in their endeavours on those five days of the month like any other usual day of their lives. I am extremely glad to be part of Whisper India’s initiative of encouraging women to treat those five days as any other normal day and reach their full potential.”

“It’s essential for every girl and woman to opt for a superior quality sanitary napkin like the New Whisper Ultra that enables us to be unstoppable at all times. I am delighted to be a part of the brand’s initiative to encourage women to own those 5 days and stride ahead towards their dreams with confidence ”, said Ayesha Aziz


Anahita Dhondy, further added, “Menstrual hygiene and management is vital for our well-being and ensures that we can continue our tasks at hand with confidence. I am positive that with this video Whisper will be able to motivate girls to take that step towards their chosen paths of success”


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