Three Amazing Benefits of Google Ads That You Could Know!

Google Ads
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Vaishnavi Jhawar

Pune, 10th August 2021: Google Ads gives you the best advantages for online shopping, sales, promotion and advertising. Through Google Ads, you can show your products and services to the right people, at the right time and in the right place. Your product and service can be displayed on different modes of devices such as desktops, mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Few tricks and Tips of Google Ads which makes you a smart marketeer –

1. Targeting your ads – Through targeting, you can show your ads to the right people, with specific interests, indirect targeting and indirect liking towards the products. This type of targeting can be done through keywords and phrases where customers type in a word and the ad is shown to you. In addition, the ad location only shows your ad to those people being a part of Google Search and Google Display Network. Moreover, through this, you can select the age, location, regional languages, the days between the start of your campaign and the end date for your ads and the devices you want to show your ad on.

2. Controlling your cost by choosing the right bid – Google Ads gives you an entire opportunity and the right to have complete control over your ad. There is no minimum amount of spending required. You can choose the amount of money you want to put in, during each ad. However, the most beneficial part is that you only pay when someone has/feels the right to click on the ad.

3. Measuring the fulfilment – When someone looks at your ad, you’ll know, when they click on your ad, you’ll know. When someone fills in a lead form, downloads your app, calls a specific number, clicks on your ad, you’ll know. Hence, if you can identify that your ad is not working well, you can quickly decide on shifting your budget from one ad group to another, else from one campaign to another. From this, you can track and extract all the valuable sources to understand your cost per click, the average cost per click, conversion, cost per conversion, phone calls duration of phone calls, consumer habits, consumer interests, what consumers type to click on your ad and so on!

Vaishnavi Jhawar(Vaishnavi Jhawar graduated from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom with a bachelor’s in Business Management & Marketing. She has been a global volunteer for non-profits in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya. Been a TEDx Speaker for TEDxDandupurStudio on the topic “Why Respecting Every Profession Is A Key to Human Mankind?)