Three Youths Kill Their Friend Then Surrender Before Police

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Mrunal Jadhav

Chinchwad, September 1, 2020: On Sunday midnight, three friends allegedly killed their friend by hitting him on the head with washbasin. Then early in the morning, they surrendered before the police.

According to police, the deceased has been identified as Shubham Sathe (20) and the accused are Swapnil Bharat Kapure (20), Dnyanesh Sunil Thorat (21) and Ajay Mohan Kshirsagar (20), all three residents of Thergaon. They work as food delivery boys. All three have been arrested now.

Police said that the four of them were drinking alcohol behind Hotel Khushboo. Shubham beat one of the accused and then the three planned to teach Shubham a lesson. After drinking alcohol, there was a heated argument between them and they hit a washbasin on Shubham’s head. Due to serious injury, he died.

The accused roamed the city overnight in the intoxicated condition. They went to the police station early morning and confessed their crime to Chinchwad police.