Ticketless Travel Soars: 32.34 Lakh Offenders Face Rs 213.16 Crores in Penalties from April to November ’23

Pune Division registers ticket checking revenue of Rs 8.22 Cr in Apr-June 2023
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Pune, 27th December 2023: In a concerning trend, railway authorities reported a surge in ticketless travel, with over 5.01 lakh individuals apprehended in November 2023 alone. An imposing penalty of 36.98 Crores was levied on these offenders, marking a distressing escalation. From April to November 2023, 32.34 lakh passengers were caught traveling without tickets, resulting in penalties totaling 213.16 Crores.

Authorities urge passengers to prioritize valid tickets, emphasizing dignity in travel. They advocate utilizing the UTS mobile app to circumvent ticket queues and save time.

The increasing incidence of ticketless travel poses challenges, stressing the need for greater compliance and responsible passenger behavior.