Toolkit Controversy: Delhi Police Says Twitter Statement False, Attempt To Obstruct Legal Investigation

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New Delhi, 27th May 2021: Twitter gave a statement on the ongoing investigation in the ‘Toolkit’ case which is completely false and it is an attempt to obstruct the legal investigation, Delhi Police said.

This stern statement by the Delhi Police comes at a time when Twitter has expressed concern over the use of bullying tactics by the police, saying that it is concerned about the potential threat to the safety and freedom of expression of its employees in India.

An official statement issued by the Delhi Police’s Public Relations Officer Chinmay Biswal said that prima facie, these statements are not only false but also an attempt by a private company to obstruct the legal inquiry.

According to the police statement, Twitter is reportedly trying to be the investigating and adjudicating authority, even though it does not have the statutory approval to do any of it. The statement said that only the police have the right to investigate and the courts pronounce the verdict.

Delhi Police has said that it has started an initial investigation in the ‘Toolkit’ case on the basis of a complaint lodged by Congress leaders. Police said that Twitter also tried to show that an FIR has been registered at the behest of the Indian government, which is completely wrong.

The police further said that the Twitter statement is merely an attempt to garner sympathy at a time when it not only refused to follow the law but refused to share it with the legal authority despite having evidence.

In response to the tag of ‘Manipulated Media’ in the BJP leader’s tweet, Twitter has expressed concern over the use of intimidation tactics by the Delhi Police, saying that it has potential for the safety and freedom of expression of employees in India.

Twitter said that right now we are concerned about the recent events in India with respect to our employees and the potential threat to the freedom of expression of our users.

The spokesperson said that Twitter remains committed to the principles of transparency, empowering every voice and protecting freedom of speech and privacy while remaining within the purview of the law.

Delhi Police’s Special Cell on Monday sent a notice to Twitter India regarding the investigation of a complaint about the alleged ‘Covid Toolkit’. Two police teams also reached Twitter offices in Delhi’s Lado Sarai and Gurugram.

The new rules were announced on 25 February. Under this new rule, large social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (which have more than 5 million users in the country) will need to take additional measures. This includes the appointment of Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Officer and Grievance Officer based in India, etc.