Top 5 Marathi Films You Have To Watch In 2020

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17 Sep 2020: Since 2007, India has consistently ranked as the world’s largest producer of films. In 2019, the film industry value stood at over 180 billion Indian rupees with analysts estimating this figure to go up to 260 billion rupees by 2024.

The Marathi industry film industry is one of the driving forces of Hindi Cinema with new titles hitting the market every other day.  It is pioneering film industries of Bollywood and has produced some of the most amazing actors in Bollywood from Swwapnil Joshi, Sai Tamhankar, Ankush Chaudhari, Sonali Kulkarni to Umesh Kamat among others.

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While 2020 has been a dull year, the Marathi film scene has still lined up some incredible titles to light up the mood. These movies feature top-notch actors acting in unique and exceptional storylines. Here are some of these movies you have to catch:


This is a political drama by director-writer duo Sameer Vidwans and Kshitij Patwardhanin in Marathi language. It set the tone for a promising 2020 in Indian film before Covid-19 put a brake on everything. The drama features some exceptional talent in Ankush Chaudhari, Sai Tamhankar, Siddharth Jadhav.  

After his father’s death, the eldest son in the Ubhe family starts a fight for the title of the village sarpanch. There are twists and turns in the plot and this is what makes Dhurala such an engaging film.

Vikun Taak

These are tough times across the globe and everyone needs a laugh. This is what the comedy Vikun Taak seeks to do. It is a comic take on a serious issue revolving around Mukund Thorambe, a mechanic who has returned from Dubai for this wedding.

Things don’t work out when the bride’s side backs out and director Sameer Patil tackles social issues humorously. You’ll enjoy the roller-coaster life of Mukund trying to wiggle his way out of tricky situations.

The roller-coaster story reminds one of the popular Indian casino-themed films such as Striker, Teen Patti, Gambler and Jannat.


India is a sporting nation and it’s no wonder Vijeta continues receiving rave reviews. This is a sport-based movie based on the Maharashtra team which initially performs poorly at the National Games.

A new mind coach comes in to help them scale the heights. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Madhav Deochake, Sushant Shelar, Subodh, Pooja Sawant, Pritam Kagne. The insightful take of the athletes’ background stories makes for an interesting story.


This is an appropriate movie that everyone should watch in 2020. It shows why it’s important to enjoy the small things in life. Aditya, an upper-class businessman, has it all but he doesn’t believe in giving a bonus to his employees. He accepts his grandfather’s challenge to live off a meagre amount for a month.

Writer Saurabh Bhave wants to address crucial social issues. The actors, including Pooja Sawant, Gashmeer Mahajani and Mohan Agashe are exceptional and help bring out the writer’s intended message.

Mann Fakiraa

What happens when an arranged match almost goes wrong? This is a story every Indian film lover should see. Bhushan and Riya get married in a planned match, but things go wrong when Bhushan makes a wrong choice.  

Actress Mrunmayee Deshpande’s debut directorial is an interesting take on one of India’s oldest marital customs. Sayali Sanjeev, Suvrat Joshi, and Anjali Patil are spot-on with their depiction of their characters.

Final Thoughts

2020 might not have progressed according to anyone’s dream. Still the Marathi film industry has some incredible stories to make life easier. These are five of the Marathi films you should add to your must-watch list to light up the rest of the year.