Traffic Alert For Shivjayanti Celebrations: Pune Police Announce Road Closures in Peth Areas On Monday, Feb 19

Traffic Diversion
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Pune, 18th February 2024: On the occasion of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s birth anniversary, Pune Police have announced significant traffic modifications in the city centre.


Starting from 7 am on the day of the event until the conclusion of the celebrations, Nehru Road, Lakshmi Road, Shivaji Road, and Bajirao Road will be closed, with exceptions made for essential service vehicles.


Deputy Commissioner of Police Shashikant Borate has encouraged drivers to use alternative routes during this period.


The suggested alternative routes include:


– For those heading to Swargate from Jijamata Chowk, the recommendation is to use Shivaji Road.

– Traveling from Barve Chowk to Jangli Maharaj (JM) Road, Khandujibaba Chowk to Tilak Chowk, and Tilak Chowk to Tilak Road is advised.

– Traffic destined for Budhwar Chowk will be redirected from Kelkar Road via Jogeshwari Mandir Chowk.

– During the procession, Lakshmi Road traffic will be diverted from Kabir Chowk until it passes Sonya Maruti Chowk.

– Motorists travelling from Puram Chowk to Shivajinagar via Bajirao Road are advised to use Tilak Road and proceed to Fergusson College (FC) Road via Tilak Chowk.

– Following the start of the procession, all vehicles will use Kelkar Road instead of going from Appa Balwant Chowk to Budhwar Chowk and Bajirao Road to Futkya Bhuruj.

– Until the processions pass the Gadgil Statue, vehicles are instructed to move from Savarkar Bhavan either via Maharishi Vitthal Shinde Bridge to the Balgandharva side or through Takale Haveli Chowk (Ramanbagh Chowk).

– Vehicles should not proceed towards Shaniwar Wada until the processions have crossed the Gadgil statue. Instead, motorists are advised to proceed from Cosmos Bank Junction, taking Maharshi Vitthal Shinde Bridge via Tilak Bridge to Municipal or Takle Haveli Chowk (Ramanbagh Chowk).

– Motorists heading to Pune Municipal Bhavan from Barve Chowk can turn left to Jhansi Rani Chowk on Jungli Maharaj Road.


These traffic adjustments aim to facilitate the smooth flow of events and ensure public safety during the Shivjayanti celebrations in Pune.