Traffic Nightmare on Mumbai-Pune Expressway: Long Queues Stranded for Hours in Khandala Ghat

Pune Mumbai expressway traffic jam
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Lonavala, 24th December 2024: Once again, the Mumbai-Pune expressway, notorious for its traffic woes, is grappling with extensive congestion as numerous vehicles remain stranded for hours on the Khalapur-Lonavala stretch.

A frustrated motorist caught in the snarl described the situation, stating, “The entire stretch from Khalapur to Lonavala is completely choked right now. This has led to engine failures, traffic jams stretching for miles, and a cascade of issues. Commuters on the Mumbai to Pune route have been stuck on the expressway for over 2 to 3 hours.”

The severity of the situation is evident from the breakdown of several vehicles, contributing to a traffic snarl that could span 8 to 10 kilometers or possibly more. Individuals have been enduring this vehicular standstill for more than 3 hours, prompting calls for immediate action from highway traffic police and relevant authorities.

Yogesh Bhosale, Assistant Police Inspector at Highway State Police Khalapur Toll Plaza, shed light on the ongoing efforts to mitigate the crisis. He stated, “The current volume of vehicles on the expressway is significant. In response, we are implementing traffic diversions by intermittently halting traffic from the Mumbai lane for approximately 20 minutes. However, the duration required to clear the entire traffic congestion remains uncertain. Nevertheless, our team is diligently working to alleviate the choke at the earliest.”

As commuters anxiously await relief from the standstill, the highway traffic police continue their efforts to manage the situation and restore the flow of traffic on this crucial expressway.



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