Traffic Restrictions on Pune-Mumbai Expressway for Maratha Morcha Today

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Lonavala, 25th January 2024: In anticipation of the Maratha morcha procession from Lonavla to Navi Mumbai, heavy vehicles traveling from Kolhapur, Pune, and Ahmednagar to Mumbai will face restrictions on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway today. The move aims to prevent potential traffic congestion and ensure a smooth flow for the morcha participants.

According to Lata Phad, the Superintendent of Police for the Highway Safety Patrol, Pune unit, the morcha will utilize the old Pune-Mumbai highway instead of the expressway. However, a crucial six-kilometer stretch in the Khandala ghat section, commonly used by vehicles on both the highway and expressway, necessitates the restriction on heavy vehicles.

Phad stated, “Heavy vehicles from Kolhapur, Pune, and Ahmednagar will be halted at various points before reaching the expressway. They will be allowed to proceed in phases as the morcha progresses beyond the Khandala ghat section. The Mumbai-to-Pune expressway corridor will, however, remain open for heavy vehicles heading towards Pune, Kolhapur, and Ahmednagar.”

Notably, light motor vehicles will not face any restrictions, allowing smooth movement along the expressway.

Assistant Inspector Sumaiya Bagwan emphasized that vehicles would be prohibited from accessing the Pune-Mumbai highway via the Khandala exit. “Barricades will be placed, and the exit will be temporarily closed,” Bagwan added.

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