Traffic Signal Breakers Beware: Pune Police Collects Rs 3 Crore In Fines

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Pune, 31st October 2023: In a stern move against traffic violators, Pune police have taken action against a staggering 85,000 motorists in the city over the past ten months. The violations include driving triple-seat vehicles, breaking signals, parking in ‘no-parking’ zones, and driving in the opposite direction.

The most prevalent offense was signal violation, with actions taken against 55,429 citizens. A substantial fine of Rs 3 crore has been collected from these signal violators, emphasizing the severity of the issue.

Traffic discipline has been a growing concern in Pune, with various infractions such as talking on mobile phones while driving, driving triple-seater vehicles, and parking in ‘no-parking’ areas contributing to the chaos on the roads.

The statistics reveal that 17,266 citizens were penalized for driving triple-seat vehicles, amounting to a fine collection of Rs. 1 crore 70 lakhs. This highlights a disturbing trend of increased violations, especially in the case of triple-seat driving.

Actions in Last Ten Months:
Triple Seat: 17,266 cases, Penalty: Rs. 1 Crore 70 Lakhs
Breaking Signal: 55,429 cases, Penalty: Rs. 3 Crore 2 Lakhs