Pune: Integrating Open Jail Prisoners Back into Mainstream Society -Initiative by RK Multipurpose Foundation and Poona College

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Yerwada, 31st October 2023: “No person is inherently a criminal; circumstances and crises can lead one down that path. The most significant penance in life is regret. It is crucial for prisoners that upon their release, they receive training for livelihood, enabling them to find work and support themselves and their families.” Initiatives addressing this need are being undertaken collaboratively by RK Multipurpose Foundation and Poona College.

Various essential items were distributed to inmates at Yerwada Open Jail. Prof. Dr. Aftab Anwar Shaikh, the Principal of Poona College, expressed that the college will organize diverse activities for Yerwada Open Jail prisoners, including skill development, spoken English, entrepreneurship development, computer and DTP training, personality development, and spoken English courses.

Bhagyashree Salunke, Secretary of RK Multipurpose Institution, emphasized the collective effort required to reintegrate prisoners into mainstream society.

Present at the event were Yerwada Open Jail Superintendent Anil Khamkar, Senior Jail Officer Rajendra Marle, Jail Officer Hemant Patil, Santosh Kokane, Nisha Shreykar, Rudra Pandey, Prof. Dr. Aftab Anwar Shaikh, Bhagyashree Salunke, Girish Salunke, Pranab Salunke, Sindeshji, Rajabhau Kondhare, Vaishali Chakankar, and other open jail prisoners and staff Hemant Patil conveyed the sentiments of open prisoners, and Rajendra Marle proposed the vote of thanks.