Transgender Actor Tommy Dorfman Confronts Delta Air Lines Employee Over Misgendering

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Washington, 27th December 2023: Transgender actor Tommy Dorfman recently took to social media to share an incident where a Delta Air Lines employee misgendered him. The TikTok video capturing the exchange went viral. Dorfman accused the ticket agent of intentionally using incorrect pronouns, expressing frustration about being misgendered.

In the video, Dorfman confronts the gate agent for repeatedly misgendering him, to which the agent responds defensively. The exchange escalates, with the gate agent making a threat to have the Port Authority escort Dorfman out of the building. Dorfman eventually decides to put something on, although the reference is unclear.

On TikTok, Dorfman commented, “When you try to advocate for yourself at @delta and are met with even more transphobia and threats of being arrested at LaGuardia.” Dorfman criticized the employee, Tristan, for misgendering him persistently and considered it a human rights violation.

Social media users lauded the Delta employee for standing up for himself. Comments expressed support for the agent’s handling of the situation, with some users even suggesting sending him a Christmas gift and commending Delta Airlines for addressing the matter professionally. However, there were contrasting opinions, with some users finding the situation ridiculous and suggesting that individuals seek attention through such incidents.