Cheating Epidemic Hits Escape From Tarkov Arena During Closed Beta Launch

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Washington, 27th December 2023: Less than a week into the closed beta launch of Escape From Tarkov Arena, the game is already grappling with cheating issues, with prominent cheat developers expanding their products to the new platform. Established cheat providers have swiftly introduced products tailored for Escape From Tarkov Arena, largely mirroring the standard cheats designed for the original game.

In recent days, videos showcasing blatant cheaters utilizing aimbots, wall hacks, and even radar hacks have circulated online, underscoring the extent of the cheating problem. The heightened visibility of cheating is attributed to the addition of a kill cam feature in Arena, making it more apparent when someone is resorting to illicit tactics. Unlike the main game, the kill cam feature eliminates doubts about encountering cheaters, as their movements are observable.

Despite the broken preset system causing challenges for many players in Arena, it might inadvertently act as a countermeasure against cheaters. Some cheaters are reportedly using low-level weapons to secure instant headshots. However, players with robust preset featuring good armour may have a fighting chance to eliminate cheaters before succumbing to their attacks.

In the face of encountering cheaters, players can report them by waiting until the post-match screen, swiping to the scoreboard, clicking on the cheater’s name, and accessing the reporting menu. While in Battlestate Games, the developers, actively ban cheaters, the Escape From Tarkov community has historically grappled with the ongoing emergence of new cheats. The trend is likely to persist in Arena, especially as more players gain access in the subsequent waves of invitations. The controlled rollout is a prudent measure, given recent server instability issues.