Trekking couple ties knot 90 feet above earth hanging in air

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Kolhapur : Love knows no boundaries. Jaydeep Jadhav (33) and Reshma Patil (26), both trekking enthusiast from Kolhapur in Maharashtra, got married while in mid-air suspension on a 350-foot-long three-line ropeway over the 250-foot-deep Jakhani valley, near the historical Vishalgad fort.Jadhav, Reshma and a priest strapped to the waist and hung from three separate ropes overhead and performed the marriage ceremony.

The couple clad in Maharashtrian attire got married in front of friends, relatives and well wishers and curious on-lookers. The marriage ceremony lasted 15 minutes.

Jadhav is a computer science engineer and an adventure trekker.

It was an arranged marriage. Reshma convinced herself to try the adventure marriage.

Jadhav’s friends from his trekking group came out with the idea of marriage in the air.

“I wanted to do something different. Our great Shivaji Maharaj had passed through this valley and we agreed to marry here”, Jadhav said.

Reshma added, “Initially I was afraid but love was in the air and I agreed for the marriage while hanging”.

Jadhav’s friends from the Malay Adventure, Hill Riders group and Western mountain group made all the arrangements for the marriage. About 2,500 feet of rope was used to create the ropeway.

A live commentary was also going on to make people aware about the marriage ceremony.