TresVista introduces a comprehensive Financial Aid Package for employees and their families affected by Covid

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Mumbai, India, June 14, 2021: TresVista, a leading provider of high-end outsourced support to corporates, asset managers, and entrepreneurs, has reiterated its commitment to employee well-being by announcing a host of employee support initiatives. The company will be offering financial assistance to its employees through a unique financial assistance program to help them navigate these challenging times.

Sudeep Mishra, Co-Founder & Managing Director, TresVista, said, “The ongoing pandemic has made things challenging for countless people across the country. We feel privileged to be in a position to help our employees and fast-tracking financial help to those in distress, which is the goal of the Covid related aid package.”

COVID-19 has struck many and impacted their loved ones, with people’s health and finances being affected. Recognizing this, TresVista has earmarked a financial assistance corpus and introduced measures for safeguarding the financial health of its employees. Details of the program include:

· Salary advances and interest-free loans: Employees can access this specially allocated company corpus through salary advances or interest-free loans in case of medical emergencies for themselves and their families.

· Aid, in case of an unfortunate demise: Non-recoverable financial support will be given in case of an unfortunate demise of an employee or their family member. On the demise of a serving employee, TresVista is offering an amount of INR 1,000,000 or the equivalent of the employee’s gross annual salary, whichever is higher, to the nominated family member. If a married employee faces the spouse’s demise or if an unmarried employee faces the demise of a parent, a one-time lump-sum amount of INR 300,000 will be given.

· Insurance coverage for employees: While the group’s current medical insurance policy includes COVID-19 coverage for all employees, the firm has increased the sum assured by 50%-100% across designations.

The financial assistance program is yet another initiative taken by TresVista in a long line of measures already taken to support employees. Previously announced measures included enabling employees to support their family members and care for them if they contract COVID with Caregiver’s Leaves, bonuses, vaccination reimbursements, and more. Also, TresVista is organizing a Vaccination Drive in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore for its employees, immediate family members, and any other people living with them. TresVista is also bearing vaccination expenses across locations for those going for vaccination as per local availabilities. Such measures introduced by the firm can go a long way in fostering a positive environment of support and growth.